A new perspective to Decentralized finance

Governments and Large institutions used to be in total control Finance… But the game has changed! Decentralised technology has taken the ledger public and the benefits are higher than ever before. Join the Boundless revolution and start your own financial liberation today.

The BitDefi Ecosystem



Strictly deflationary tokens that fuels the network, enabling holders to participate in governance decisions and access Bitswap services.


Fully embedded governance model which allows participants to regulate token burn, fees rate, stakiing rewards and more.


Native staking of BFI as well as ability to stake any ECR-20 token. Awards yield from the BitDefi locked treasury.

Loyalty Points

Secondary inflationary assets which is earned through network participation. Hold BFI, earn 7 ithyer DEFI tokens.

The BitDefi Philosophy


BitDEFi (BFi) is a fully-embedded governance token with loyalty discounts, and deflationary mechanisms at its core. Decisions made on the BitDefi network are voted on and fully orchestrated by BFi holders. Every time a transaction occurs on the network, a fee is distributed to network participants and tokens are burned to facilitate the transaction, naturally decreasing supply. Transaction fees are repurposed as staking rewards, creating a circular economy.

The BitDefi Features


  • Open-source

  • Tokenized Smart Contract With Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

  • Fully Decentralized Digital Economy & Infrastructure

  • Deflational

  • Very low supply



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