The BitDEi Ecosystem


Strictly deflationary token that fuels the network, enabling holders to participate in governance decisions and access BitSwap Services.


Fully-embedded governance model which allows participants to regulate Token Burn, Fee Rates, Staking Rewards, and more.

Loyalty Points

Secondary, inflationary asset which is earned through network participation. Hold BFi, earn 7 other DEFi tokens.


Native staking of BFi, as well as the ability to stake any ERC-20 token, awards yield from the BitDEFi locked Treasury.

The BitDEFi Philosophy

BitDEFi (BFi) is a fully-embedded governance, loyalty discounts, and deflationary mechanisms at its core. Decisions made on the DeFiat network are voted on and fully orchestrated by BFi holders. Every time a transaction occurs on the network, a fee is distributed to network participants and tokens are burned to facilitate the transaction, naturally decreasing supply. Transaction fees are repurposed as staking rewards, creating a circular economy.



  • Open-source
  • Tokenized Smart Contract With Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
  • Fully Decentralized Digital Economy & Infrastructure
  • Deflational
  • Very low supply

  • Tokenomics
  • Total Supply 200,000
  • Pre-Sale 10,000 @ $20/BFi
  • Circulating Supply 20,000
  • Join the liquidity pool on uniswap!

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